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Sequence for your Inner Thighs and Core

The inner thighs are a favorite location for me. Strapped between the pelvis and the lower leg- they bear the brunt or reap the benefits of what happens below and above. They are part of a very important chain of muscles/fascia/tissue from the inner arch of the foot up into the pelvis and beyond. Meaning their integrity is important.

Imbalanced inner thighs can wreak havoc on the core and pelvic floor. They can also affect the hips and joints of the pelvis. Balanced inner thighs allow for ease of movement, fluidity and the ability to respond as needed to movement demands.

Try this 5- minute movement break for a little loving on your inner thighs and core. A lot of these movements are featured in my Online programs because they are so effective at lengthening and strengthening the inner thighs and core. Use this class as an opportunity to release but also to notice places that are challenging, places you want to grip, push or ignore. Those are the blind spots – the places that need the most attention.

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