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Tuck Your Pelvis? No Way!

Have you ever been told to “tuck your tailbone to lengthen your spine?” or that “squeezing a kegel all day long is good for your sexual and pelvic floor health?” Those are widespread myths that perpetrate misleading body information. Tucking your tailbone/pelvis will not give you those things. It can however wreak havoc on your sexual organs, your lower back and your core. If you have pelvic floor dysfunction or a diastasis recti or other core issue, the last thing you want to do is tuck your pelvis under you as it creates a reduced curve in your lumbar spine (your spine needs its curves for balance), it tightens the pelvic floor muscles, and it creates muscle imbalances in the hips and core.

Many women in my Restore Your Core program have had to unlearn years of pelvis tucking. It is totally possible and requires a commitment to learning to exercise and move differently than used to but the results are amazing. Having a pelvic floor dysfunction or core issue resolved by becoming aware of a tucked pelvis is very gratifying.

Find out more in the video.

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