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Slow + Sweet Yoga Flow

I did hardcore flow yoga for years. Legs-behind-your-head-yoga, jump-back-into-a-pushup-15-times-in-a-row-yoga, yoga that does not bode well for most bodies. And I paid the price in injuries. As someone who loves to move, dance and flow- giving up a flowing yoga felt really unfair.

In all honesty I wasn’t interested in static yoga- movement feels sensual to me and a practice without flow is not one I am willing to do. Flowing makes me feel alive and connected, it helps me quiet down and feel energized all at the same time. My body seeks that and I want / need to offer that outlet to my body in a safe way.

Having gone through one severe back injury, I definitely don’t want anymore so how I move is a priority. Since healing my body I have not yet had another episode, despite being warned by doctors that pregnancy and childbirth would ruin my back. Instead I have developed a way of practicing and teaching that enables me to have a movement practice that is both dynamic + safe.

All of my teaching and online programs are built upon that premise: get a great workout but not at the expense of your body.

To keep my and my students’ body safe I do not:
Do any contortion poses
Do any extreme flexibility poses
Stretch excessively

Instead I focus on:
Building strength even when I stretch
Maintaining good alignment and form
Wise + dynamic sequences that challenge you but do not break you

Here is a practice that I made while in India a few years ago. It is a conscious flow designed to bring mobility and strength into your legs, hips and whole body. Be sure to check out my youtube page for many more safe sequences and my Offerings page for programs and workshops that are challenging, safe and dynamic.

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