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Prime FAQ

There are a few ways to earn points. 
  • Attending a live = 3 points
  • Login = 1 point once a day
  • Regular view of a video until the end of the video = 2 points once a day
  • Regular view of a video until 1 minute or more from the end = 1 point once a day
  • Update personal info (image, fan facts) = 1 point once a day
(These parameters are ever-changing as we optimize the experience)
The Leaderboard features our top 15 point earners in Prime. To be featured on the board you must earn your points! 
  • Complete a workout = 1 point per video
  • Attending a live = 3 points
  • Login to Prime = 1 point (daily)
  • Update your profile = 1 point per update(daily)
Keep in mind, if you are on privacy mode you will not show up on the Leaderboard.
This is a pop-up that should ask you if it is ok to share your location - to which you accept.
Props will vary. Lauren covers the necessary props for each class in the first couple of minutes of each video.
I recommend to all RYC® grads to have 1 day a week of RYC® maintenance. You can do an express video or otherwise but to keep that flame burning 1 time a week.
All Prime classes are created equal. All exercises can be modified to meet you where you are. There are four categories of classes to choose from. You may start where you’d like!
From the Firestick main menu, scroll to the left and hover over the search icon. Enter “Silk Browser” then scroll down to the first option that appears. Search for members.laurenohayon.com. Log into your member’s area and click on the Prime thumbnail. You should be able to click on a workout and have it appear on your screen.
If you choose to cancel your membership please be aware that if you joined during a sale, your sale price will not be honored if you decide to rejoin. You can cancel your membership by clicking on your name at the top of Prime to get to the Dashboard then click Subscriptions on the left-side menu. Here you will find the option to “Cancel.”
We find that with too many options, things can become overwhelming. So we chose to create a more curated, thoughtful experience. Videos are on rotation to offer fresh content regularly and change out content that has been there for at least five weeks. All videos do come back eventually.
Live classes can vary anywhere from 25-45 minutes.
Live classes usually take place on Sundays at 10:30am EST.
This is something we are currently working on. You will soon be able to save your favorite workouts in one place to easily revisit them again later.
Videos are available for six months. At least two new videos are added every week (including Lauren’s LIVE class) and featured RYC® teacher classes switch out every month.