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Understand your Leak Pee- To be Able to Master It

Leaking of any form sucks. Sneeze pee, jump pee, run pee- pee that comes out when you least desire and expect it. Leak pee is more than a pesky nuisance that will go away if you ignore it. On the contrary – not addressing leak pee can make the issue worse overtime and mushroom into a problem that is more difficult to manage.

It is all too common in the world of women’s health, women’s issues, the postpartum world or the yoga and pilates world to assign kegels (squeezing/tightening of the vagina) as a treatment for what is thought to be a weak/hypotonic pelvic floor.

However a lot of women with leak pee do not present with a hypotonic/weak pelvic floor at all. And in fact many women with a tight/hypertonic pelvic floor leak pee too. It would be so easy to treat leak pee with kegels if the issue were in fact a less toned pelvic floor. But that is not the case.

If you leak pee the chances are that this issue is part of a whole body imbalance. No need to freak out- whole body imbalance merely means that your leak pee is not about your pelvic floor alone. It is about the container that your pelvic floor lives in. Your body. Treating the pelvic floor alone is symptom-targeted rather than root issue focused.

Meaning that you should not isolate what happens in one part of your body from another part because the body is connected! A foot issue causes problems in the ankles which then can become issues in your knee knee and wreak havoc on your hips and back. Issues do not stay confined to the areas they occur and often they didn’t even start in the area that you are experiencing the issue!

How you hold your body all day, the movements you do or do not do, the way you breath and your muscle and movement patterns will ALL affect your pelvic floor. The state of your pelvic floor is really a reflection of the state of the container that it is held in- your body. Any imbalances in your body can affect your pelvic floor.

Rather than blanket prescribing leak pee with kegels or isolating the pelvic floor from the rest of the body, I work with my clients to empower them to become more familiar with their bodies, to restore function to their whole system, to create balance in their muscles and joints and integrity in their movements and core.

In response to all the questions I get on leak pee I made a little video addressing common myths and leak pee perceptions- it is posted below.

If you leak pee and are not sure where to start – check out Restore Your Core– a 13 week program to restore core and pelvic floor function. (See my many free videos on my youtube page.)


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