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Diastsis Recti workout for your Upper Body, Core and Glutes

A common pattern I see in a lot of clients is a tight upper body (think rounded shoulders and hunched back) and weak glutes. This often goes hand in hand with having a weak core. Hunching / rounded shoulders puts a lot of downward pressure on the core and pelvic floor which weakens the core and could lead to pelvic floor issues.

In addition, this downward pressure (increased intra abdominal pressure) is one of the causes of a diastasis recti, so we should be aware of a potential correlation here because when we are working on resolving our diastasis recti, we cannot simply spot treat our core as there are multiple factors that come into play and we should develop a diastasis recti workout that goes beyond the core.

Multiple factors impact Diastasis Recti, not just the core

As mentioned above, when dealing with a diastasis recti, it is important to look at ALL the factors that might be contributing to a compromised core. In addition to a hunched, rounded upper back, here are a few issues that are commonly related to a diastasis recti:

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone who has rounded shoulders or a hunched back has a diastasis recti or a weak core.

In my experience though, using effective exercise in order to address a hunch back will have a great impact on the core so it’s catching two birds in one stone.

Diastasis Recti workout that addresses the upper body

This sequence is ideal for working on issues of a tight and rounded upper body and weak glutes. Interestingly, both often go hand in hand.

In this workout, you will release weak and tight upper body muscles that contribute to hunching and upper body tension, work on side body muscles that pull our upper body forward, integrate core exercises and practice a variety of glute exercises in order to tone and strengthen your hips and butt muscles.

If you have rounded, tight shoulders AND are struggling with a weak core, showing pelvic floor issues or have a diastasis recti then this workout is made for you. Enjoy!

For a comprehensive step by step program, check out Restore Your Core program. RYC is not only Diastasis Recti friendly, but many users are reporting fantastic results.